Why Yummy Dinner

Why Yummy Dinner?


Some time ago (probably going on 2 years), I told my husband I thought he should build a web site for me and my friends to share what we were having for dinner. Often people would post on a (nameless) site ‘what’s for dinner’ each night. I told Bret it would be nice to have a site to post a dinner menu and the recipe to go along with it.


Yummy Dinner is just for fun! To be inspired whether trying someone else’s dinner plan or putting your own unique twist on someone else’s dinner. You can participate as much or as little as you like. There are no fees, we won’t send you emails (well, maybe to let you know of additions or changes made to the site), no solicitations.


What makes Yummy Dinner different than the other recipe sites? Yes, it does offer the option to search for recipes. Yummy Dinner also has a calendar feature which allows you to view by day, what the people you are ‘following’ are having for dinner. This is more of a site to post what you made for dinner or heck even lunch and breakfest.


We already have some things for the future, more details on that, under “Future Updates” if you would like to read about them. Please feel free email any comments, suggestions or questions you have.


Thanks and hope you have fun!