03/06/15 Our web traffic has increased by 34%. We have added a download section and our planning a redesign by the end of the year with a mobile app on its way.


02/02/15 Yummydinner membership push has reached our goal for users. Please feel free to go in and sign up for your free account and post recipes. 


12/21/14 Yummydinner will be officially live on 1/1/15.


4/1/14 website goes live for testing. There are exciting features through out the site and we will be exploring other new features as the site develops and we receive user input. We made this easy to use. Please feel free to submit your ideas to:


If you just want to say hi or talk to Tamara Wiederin about dinner ideas or her two dogs. Then email her at:



Thanks Enjoy the site and share with your friends. More exciting things are coming. 


Tamara Wiederin