How do  post a recipe?

Posting is easy, after you login go to the "Add Recipe" page and type in the details. If you are viewing a calendar just click the day and the "Add Recipe" page will come up. 


How do I follow someone?

Easy go to the top of the "Recipe" page and click the username or the picture. You will be directed to the next page. Just click "Join User's Kitchen."


How do I edit a recipe?

After you login go to your "Recipe" page and click edit on the bottom left of the recipe. 


What is "My Collections" for?

This is a way to save recipes that you like and look at them later.


What is "My Kitchen's Calendar?"

This is a calendar especially for you. You will be able to add recipes here and you will be able to look back in time on what you had on a specific day. 


What is "Just for You?"

You will find recipes for you to view based on your recipes posted and saved in collections.